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Homayra Adiba was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and currently practicing in Michigan, USA. Her work is deeply rooted in the idea of 'Home'. In her journey as an artist, Homayra threads back to childhood and memories to find answers on how to live a life with meaning. Often times she comes back with more questions.

Her work 'Where Blue Birds Fly' is a personal documentary exploring the relationship of the citizens of Dhaka city with their rooftop has been widely celebrated. It was featured in Lensculture, Internazionale Magazine, Better Photography Magazine, F-STOP Magazine, The Floating Magazine, and numerous.'Where Blue Birds Fly' was part of Chennai Photo Biennale, Angkor Photo Festival, Objectifs’ Women in Film & Photography Showcase'.


She graduated from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute on 'Professional Photography' in the year 2016, a year prior to her graduation she participated in Angkor Photo Workshops. 


Although she expresses mostly with a camera and a pen, Homayra keeps her heart open to alternative media and found objects. She is currently working on two projects parallelly, working full time in a retail store and pursuing another degree in Art and Design.

Homayra is an artist and recipient of the 'Equity Grant Winner' for ArtPrize 2021.

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